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They Represent Life
Art Direction
Creative Direction
December 17, 2014

Nowadays, there is at least a rack for almost everyone in their living spaces without the matters of sizes, types and designs. There are huge varieties of racks in the world such as newspaper racks, shoe racks, drying racks and more. We used to store our stuff inside a closed cabinet instead of exposing on wood pieces, metal rods and plastic. Most of the times, its functionality is the foremost key element to concern than its aesthetic visual from humans’ eyes.

We use them until get worn out and leave them aside, throw or recycle them after spoilt. No one appreciates the service from the rack has brought to us. It is because it is man-made non-living thing. I plan to use this concept for this project. This is to show the beauty side of the rack, not from the appearance point of view but from the service and usage side of view. As I planned to capture the aesthetic visual of the racks, I choose to capture the racks that had been used for a long time. There are drying rack, newspaper rack, flower rack and storage rack. Objects that are placed on racks such as vegetables, clothes, flowers, extensions are the tiny yet irreplaceable elements that represent tiny parts of our daily lives. By shooting them with plain bright background, this is able to fit my minimalistic and simplistic concept. Furthermore, I played around with compositions of the content as well as the space by different angles as well as depths of field to present different points of view from different aspects. They are quiet but they represent life. They are non-living things but they are alive.


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