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the Catch of the Moments
Art Direction
December 17, 2014

Money come and go. People come and go. Memory stays as time goes by. The only thing that keep it real and immortal which is the memory, in either sweet or sour taste, good or bad quality. 

Inspired by the fish catch in the ocean, the moment when the net lifted up, fishermen were thrilled as the good catch to call off a day, despite the gloomy days when there is impossible to make a good fortune on the windy tide. Memory is like an ocean where fishes are the precious moments. When memory recalls, moments jump off the water like a jumping shrimp. Blissful moments like play time when you immersed yourself into a toy fantasy and glory time when you gained a high achievement from all kind of matters in life. And hard moments when we earn for knowledge, money or a better life. And random yet quality moments when we just wanna sit on a nice sofa and chill while listening to our favourite piece.

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