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A bit of myself.

I am Malaysian, orang Seremban. Grown up from a place that's surrounded by cows, goats, horses and couple of squirrels. I speak Mandarin, English, Malay and a little bit of Cantonese. I enjoy music, reading and my breakfast. I appreciate food. I got infinite love for salmon and stews. My weird interests are collecting recipes, socks and sneakers.

Next chapter: my work

Now doing design at Entropia. Other than that, I am also a jury member of CSS Fox. Graduated from Limkokwing University under Curtin Program, in a course of Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Digital Design.


Facebook PockeTVC - Grand Prize 
16 June 2017 | Facebook Creative Shop
Facebook PockeTVC is a Webinar hosted by Facebook Creative Shop in Singapore which provide practical tips on making videos more standing out in mobile feeds. Task for the team is to optimise our TVC for mobile/social consumption in a given time.

11 October 2016 | BESTCSS
Personal website has been selected as BESTCSS on BESTCSS.

Guru of the Day 
6 October 2015 | Web Guru Awards
Personal website has been selected as Guru of The Day on Web Guru Awards.

CSS Fox Favourite 
9 April 2015 | CSS Fox
Personal website has been selected as CSS Fox Favourite on CSS Fox.

FLATDSGN Inspiration 
6 January 2015 | FLATDSGN
Personal website has been selected as FLATDSGN Inspiration on FLATDSGN.

Malaysia MINDS Trademark Competition - 2nd Prize
2006 | MINDS Organisation
Objectives of this competition are to stimulate the interest of the younger generation of Malaysians to create new brand names, logos, designs and trademarks for our Malaysian products for the world market. The theme of this trademark competition is: Excellent Malaysian Food Products for Local and Export Markets. Artworks are exhibited at the I.TEX 2006, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre on 19-21 May 2006.

Brand experience

iflix | Maxis | Axiata | Boost | Xpand | FOX Sports

Relevant skill sets

After Effects

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