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Socks Fever
November 11, 2014

This is a self-initiated project for one of my university projects. I was required to develop a visual branding for a company as well as create an e-commerce website for this company. Socks Fever. A self-initiated socks retailing company which offers online shopping service of their hand picked up-to-date unisex socks. Target audience goes to teenagers and young adults. This is when my first attempt for web design and coding.

We are Socks Fever. “We are madly in love with socks. We believe that every pair of socks tells a story, a personality, a mindset and a style. Founded in early 2013, we are here to bring you the warmth and everything good from socks. We always believe that there is only one world, one people. Therefore, we offer unisex socks without categorizing everyone in the world. Explore the hand-picked socks by us from all around the world. We are here to share and spread the love.”

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