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Shoe Commercial for Le Coq Sportif
Art Direction
December 17, 2014

This is shoes product photography of Le coq Sportif, a sports brand from France. We wear shoes to get a protection for our feet. Picnic, Play time and School life are the occasions that most of us would have gone through either on weekdays or other weekends, either on present, past or in the future. 

A bond is connected between these and the shoes while being juxtaposed together as all of them are close to us and they are playing quite important roles in our lives. With three main ideas including Picnic, Play time and School life, I placed the shoes right in the centre of the frame to get them in focus and to give a smooth flow of consistency. The desired way to present the product blending well with the environment settings, eye-soothing tones of supporting objects are chosen during various experiments. Just like the dark toned clothes placed below the shoes and the similar-to-the-shoes’-toned objects arranged around the shoes. By giving a sense of discover and adventure, photos are taken from slightly aerial view.


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