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Get Lucky with iflix
Art Direction
March 1, 2018

LUCK is part and parcel of the Chinese belief system.

Playing on this, we’ll be helping people navigate around well-known superstitions in those crucial 15 days leading up to / during the new year. Getting lucky isn’t all down to fate. Don’t wait for it to find you, make your own (with a little help from iflix!)

Creative Direction – Charlène Devismes
Art Direction – Janet Wong
Motion Design – Fitri Zulkifli, Fauzan Sarif, Izzat Asad
Graphic Design – Siti Putri Ismail, Akid Alias
Copywriter – Jessica Divakaran, Adriana

Featured on Design Ideas

We wanted to recreate the look and feel of the good old times inspired by the printing method back in the days – Risograph printing. For animation, we planned to go simpler and more straightforward. So it’s a mix of modern and traditional which describes the culture at its best, we believe.

Visual Identity
Based on Feng Shui for 2018, the lucky colour of the year is yellow. Yellow is used as primary colour throughout the campaign and being supported harmoniously by other colours such as red, orange and brown. Open Sans family font (one of iflix brand fonts) is used for this campaign.

Inspired by the various types of fortunes in Feng Shui, we have prepared symbols and element that best represent these categories – Career, Growth, Wealth, Friendship, Love, Youth, Health and Joy.

Pick your own fortune
We bring the fortune cards concept to couple of platform such as iflix product and EDM where users get to know their fortune this year based on the types of fortune they have selected.​​​​​​​

Tips to get lucky
Everyone wants and needs that extra bit of luck in their lives. From karaoke-ing the house down or grabbing the nearest ladder for the Yeesang toss, that little extra bit of effort will translate to extra luck. We provide ways for users to get lucky with the help of illustrations and great use of content.


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