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Flat toy series
November 11, 2014

I started driving around the streets to look for dollhouses in a much bigger scales. I imagined myself as a Barbie doll who mistakenly placed in a human-scaled environment in order to understand the right feeling of looking at human-scaled dollhouses in a real world where there is lots of imperfections such as dirty bumpy roads, water stains on walls and even more to come.

For early 2000s, flat is referred to a building that consists of hundreds and above families being compressed into respective units. For the way before 2000s, flat is referred to a music key note or a tone or being acted as an adjective to be used such as ‘a flat tire’. Since last year 2013, it’s the year when Apple company launched a fresh new iOS 7 mobile operating system, flat is no longer a building, a key or an adjective. It is still an adjective, but it represents the current leading design movement which depth is strongly minimized but separate ways for translucency. It reminds me of dollhouse which I used to have one back in my childhood days. Everything is made of plastic with only one single colour and what makes me feel real and connected from it with the real world I’m living in is derived from the textures applied on the material. Surprisingly, it works perfectly while everything seems flat in only one single colour.


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