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Copy-led On boarding Journey
Art Direction
October 15, 2017

Pitching copy-led idea for on boarding journey edm

I was told that emails will end up in Promotions tab if there’re too much images. So for on boarding journey, experience team was planning to send out a set of edms with nearly no images. My idea is to make these copy-led and a bit of data-related as users like details. I drafted the copy angle and it was then refined by Adriana.

Copywriter – Adriana

Another way to show the amount of content we have is numbers. To inline with user personalisation, we can customise the data shown based on their genre preferences. For alternatives would be [TV shows], [Exclusives], [Movies], [Live channels].


Download & watch offline feature.
Before introducing feature, we can give a small guess as an intro/teaser that will lead to answer as user scrolls down.


Watch iflix on different devices.
Instead of mentioning amount of devices iflix can be played on, I decided to use platforms.


Playlist feature.
To make users use their playlists more often, I planned to go with the direction like ‘How much fun stuff can a user add into user’s own playlist?’ So I’m thinking to use fun keywords that are related with shows that we have.


Trial ended.
Show’s quote that related with ‘staying with us…’ is used in order to make user sign up.


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