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Commissioned stuff
April 22, 2017

Interesting people I’ve worked with

Thanks for giving me a chance to have freedom to be creative. Sincerely appreciated.

Jason turns 40-downsize

Helping out my colleague to create his birthday party invitation. 7 August 2017

wedding-invitation (1)

Helping out my boss to create his wedding dinner invitation. 15 July 2017


Helping out a friend to create a B&W ad for her pet shop. Featured on my sister’s graduation journal. 24 April 2017


This is a copy-led ad. Was helping out one of the most skilled person I knew in the industry to come up with an ad for Agathians Shelter, a place for underserved children. 22 April 2017


Copy-led graphic for iflix office installation. 9 January 2017

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